Jeremy Scott

"Marianne Kehoe is my skins’ secret weapon! After years of trying different treatments, I never found one that did the trick for me until I met Marianne. She really goes above and beyond all the other places I’ve ever been. I’ve never met an esthetician that was as passionate about their clients skin as she is! I remember a time where she actually cried with joy after the results of one of her treatments. After all these years, I consider Marianne to be more than just the best skin care lady, she’s one of my very best friends."


Eli Roth

"Marianne Kehoe is the best kept skin secret in Hollywood – everyone goes to her. She literally changed my skin and took years off my face all in healthy, natural, and non-surgical ways. Marianne’s knowledge and expertise is only matched by her warmth and humor. It’s always fun to see her and afterwards, my skin looks radiant. She is the best!"


Grae Drake

“From the moment I walked in, Marianne’s bright, lovely space and warm greeting had me hooked. I’m a long-time client, and over the years, she has always gone out of her way to help me manage my body and skin wellness. As a result, my skin is less red and more hydrated, her infrared sauna has helped me stay healthy, and I’ve learned why the Rejuve booth is so revolutionary. Marianne and her staff are truly the greatest with constant warmth, professionalism, and innovation—all at a reasonable cost.”


April Roomet

“Where to begin! Marianne is not only an EXTRAORDINARY and very knowledgeable aesthetician, she is a delightful person. When I first met Marianne I had just had my son and was struggling with bad hormonal acne. Marianne customizes facials specifically for your skin and does the best extractions, she has perfected the skill of being thorough, yet gentle. I immediately fell in love with her, I knew right away she wanted my skin to be clear as quickly and as much as I did. Marianne only uses high grade products. She is continuously reading, and learning about the latest innovations in the skin care field, so you can be certain to Always get the very best care & products. Marianne has literally transformed my skin! Working in the entertainment business is challenging when your skin is not at its best. Thanks to Mariannes help transforming my skin I am now often in front of the camera instead of always hiding behind the scenes. It’s amazing how much more confidence a girl gains when she has clear skin!” 


Allie Grant

"It's safe to say that our skin makes the most apparent sacrifices for us as we live our lives. So in the act of self-care, we have to rid ourselves of the inevitable grime we encounter each day. But when you're turning to the same limiting rituals and unreasonable tools, never finding satisfaction, you have to reassess. This is how I found Marianne several years ago now, frustrated with being frustrated with my sensitive skin, and I have been loyal to her ever since. Her belief that we must cleanse to replenish, nourishing the skin from the inside, out, is one so perfectly simple, it's impossible to deny. It's Marianne's compassion and kindness that informs her holistic approach, as well as her constant pursuit of healing. Her work comes from a genuine place of love, which doesn't just make her unique, but positions her to flourish in a class of her own. As a devout client, I look forward to watching her do just that!"


Jim Saviano - DJ SAVI

"I have never had acne issues until I moved to LA in 2004. I found myself embarrassed by what the air and water here had done to my skin, but I won the lottery when I was introduced to Marianne. She not only rid my face of all the embarrassing bumps, but her technique has reversed scarring and wrinkles that have allowed me to appear as though I have not aged a day since I moved her 8 years ago. Anyone who does not see Marianne is losing out on looking their best. Thank you is somehow not enough!"

Socialite, musician and Internet personality

Johnny Makeup

"Marianne changed my skin…and my life as I knew it! Before meeting her my face basically had the same consistency as the La Brea Tar pits! I never thought I would know what reduced pores or a balanced tone felt like…let alone get a compliment on my skin! After only a few visits to Marianne, I have all of the above in spades!

As God is my witness, my pores will never be clogged again! Marianne Kehoe is heaven sent!"


Tom Burke

"This is LA where appearance is everything, and as a middle-aged guy in the biz, I know this far too well, but thanks to Marianne Kehoe, I look great! Over the past couple of years, I have entrusted her with my face and appearance have been so happy with the way my skin looks and feels. I have also been extremely pleased with the personal and individualized care that I receive from Marianne. I look forward to my visits with her, not only because I leave with beautiful clean youthful skin, but because Marianne Kehoe is one of the kindest souls who always leaves me laughing."