signature Facials

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$130 ( 1 hour )

MK Skin Studio’s signature treatment is recommended for all skin types and will improve the tone, texture, and health of your skin.

A unique deep pore extraction process using a rolling method which releases impurities from each pore. We use a glass vacuum tube to increase blood circulation and bring oxygen to the facial tissues, hydrating and nourishing the skin. We apply Zinc and Vitamin C that acts as a defense squad to heal and rejuvenate. We then apply a Galvanic Current to firm and tighten the skin, reduce inflammation, and help correct the PH balance of the skin.

  • Recommended for first time clients

  • Best results are achieved over time

  • Add On: Customized Blended Powders (additional hydration, anti-aging, targets specific skin conditions) $30

  • Add On: Rejuve Booth $20

IDERM Back Treatment

$180 ( 1 hour )

The skin on the back is much thicker than the delicate skin of the face so our back treatment includes our specialized extraction process followed by a thorough exfoliation to renew your skin’s suppleness and softness.

The IDERM Back Treatment will have you feeling smoothed, toned, and hydrated. Love the look and feel of your back and shoulders!

magic wand treatments


A cosmetic alternative to micro-needling, our Magic Wand Pro treatment is pain-free and produces no inflammation. The Magic Wand Pro uses nano-technology spheres on the device tip create tiny openings in the bi-layers of the skin. This introduces micro-channels, which help drive active ingredients deep into the skin for optimal restoration and rejuvenation.  The stimulation from the device improves circulation, has a plumping effect, softens fine lines, reduces scarring, improves hydration and controls breakouts.

Rather than simply massaging serums into the skin, the Magic Wand Pro increases the efficiency of skincare products, allowing them to penetrate deeper.

VitaBoost Magic Wand Pro

$205 ( 1 hour )

A treatment designed for those seeking results for anti-aging, rosacea, melasma, hyper-pigmentation, and reduction in scarring.

We use a potent infusion of an absorbable form of age-reversing Vitamin A - Retinaldehyde. It includes 23 active ingredients and customized blended powders to decrease inflammation, increase skin nutrients, and restore the skin rejuvenation process. Finally, we use our Magic Wand Pro and Galvanic Current for maximum results.

  • Add On: Neck $30

  • Add On: Décolleté with Neck $50

  • Add On: Hands $30

  • Add On: Rejuve Booth $20

The Ultimate Magic Pro Combo

$280 ( 1 hour 30 mins )

If you are looking for ultimate results with a non-invasive procedure, then this one’s for you. We have combined our IDERM & VITABOOST Magic Wand Pro into one treatment. You will walk away feeling refreshed and renewed like you’ve gone back in time!

  • Add On: Neck $30

  • Add On: Décolleté with Neck $50

  • Add On: Hands $30

  • Add On: Rejuve Booth $20

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Stemfactor Radiance Infusion

$205 ( 1 hour )

This deeply hydrating treatment is designed to nourish dry skin and plump up fine lines by stimulating new cells to build collagen.

It includes our Stemfactor Serum derived from adult stem cells to improve skin aging and damage while healing hyper-pigmentation. We apply antioxidants to prevent free radical damage and restore a youthful glow. Our Magic Wand Pro is used to enhance the product absorption and drive active ingredients into the skin for optimal skin restoration. We then use a Galvanic Current to increase maximum results.

  • Add On: Neck $30

  • Add On: Décolleté with Neck $50

  • Add On: Hands $30

  • Add On: Rejuve Booth $20


The galvanic current treatment benefits the skin just like a face lift does. With its anti-aging properties, it’s like a non-surgical face lift. Your muscles are tightened and wrinkles are smoothed out. It increases your circulation, which allows the cells to be nourished. Water soluble products are able to be absorbed deep into the skin, delivering rich nutrients. You’ll see lasting benefits like reduction of pore size, firming, tightening, and hydration of the skin.

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*Cancellation Policy:  MK Skin Studio requires at least 24-hour notice via telephone to change or cancel your scheduled appointment or the full appointment fee will be charged.  For this reason we keep a credit card on file, saved through our secure card service Card Connect.

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Pop-ups are treated complimentary with extractions and application of soothing and healing serums in between visits.