Over the years, I’ve struggled to find effective solutions for the face and body that use only clean, non-toxic and natural ingredients.  Many skincare brands on the market are great for the face, but when it comes to the body, it’s a bit harder to find products that are easily absorbed and encourage change by healing the body from the inside out.  Reveal Face & Body Gels do just that and more, like removing liver spots and sun damage, hydrating, firming, and softening the skin so that like silk. I have listed below all of the benefits that can be achieved from these products.

A couple of years ago, I brought the Rejuve water booth into the studio. The whole-body spa treatment sprays a mist of Reveal’s natural spring water that’s been processed over mineral blocks of gold, copper, platinum, magnesium, and zinc. This helps supply oxygen to the multiple layers of the skin, clear dead skin cells and toxins to rejuvenate your skin and reveal a smoother, more even complexion. I had so much sun damage from long term sun exposure, that I never thought I would be able to get rid of the spotting, especially on my arms and legs. I was so impressed with the Rejuve water booth that when the gel body products came out, it was a no-brainer.  We’ve found that it takes about one month of consistent use to rid the body of all the ingredients that are trapped and stored inside from lotions and potions of the past.  After the purging and detoxing, skin feels baby soft, the change is just amazing.

Top picture: after continued use of Reveal gels. Bottom picture: before use of Reveal Gels

Top picture: after continued use of Reveal gels. Bottom picture: before use of Reveal Gels

Combined with my Osmosis Skincare Products and regular facial treatments, there is no need to create frown lines by worrying that much about the premature aging. Both of these product lines pair well together and you will not be disappointed if you give them a chance.

Click HERE to watch the video on how these amazing products are made!