I chose to partner with Osmosis Skincare at MK Skin Studio because their philosophy closely aligns with my own. I believe that results should be based on science and that every skin condition should be treated from the inside to the outside of your body. Ingredients and inflammation have always been my primary concern, so I was determined to give my clients solutions that I could strongly recommend because they had worked for me. Osmosis offered that and more by creating products that are blended and structured to be holistic. These non-invasive remedies promote natural skin remodeling. Their ingredients are non-toxic, free of gluten, parabens, fragrance, Sodium Lauryl sulfate, and artificial colors. They support my holistic approach here at MK Skin Studio which is to heal the body as a whole internally and not just at the surface. When addressing skin conditions holistically results don’t happen overnight.  However, after a few short months of using these products, you are sure to see changes to your skin like I did. I am 100% committed to this product line and am convinced that if you give it a try you will be as well.

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 Osmosis provides the tools needed to create the ideal environment to encourage permanent change and overall radiance. Our unique philosophy is based on analyzing the skin and body as a whole to treat skin conditions at their source, restoring beauty and wellness.

Our wellness system is a program designed to optimize the skin and body's rejuvenation process. We holistically take aim at the origin of imbalances to impart real change. Using a multi-tiered approach we partner with the skin to remodel and heal without causing inflammation. 

Marianne Kehoe

Marianne Kehoe



"I created Osmosis because I wanted to transform the aesthetic industry. Let's help people move away from weakening the skin and instead create a partnership that empowers healing and remodeling. Every action by the skin is perfect so our efforts should always be supportive and address the actual source of the imbalance. Permanent change is possible, your skin just needs to be inspired."


Dr. Ben Johnson

Osmosis Skincare Founder And Formulator

Dr. Ben Johnson started his career in 1997 when he opened one of the first medi-spa chains with locations all around the U.S. Dr. Johnson then founded and formulated his first skin care line, Cosmedix, with a strategy that was unique at the time - creating medical strength results using all natural and chirally correct ingredients. 

Dr. Johnson has developed Osmosis Skincare with the goal of changing the direction of skin care away from excessive exfoliation and renewing the focus of dermal remodeling. It works on every skin condition on every skin type. The product range has created a great deal of excitement in the beauty industry, thanks to its unique action and outstanding results.