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Infrared Sauna, Rejuve water booth and IDERM facial treatment

$175.00 ($20 savings)




Infrared Sauna, Rejuve water booth and Magic Wand Combo

$300.00 ($65 savings)

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Light is the part of the Sun’s invisible spectrum of light that has the ability to penetrate the human tissue. Our sauna uses infrared heat and is 7X more effective at detoxification, helping circulation, and reducing inflammation than traditional saunas. You will not feel stifled and unable to breathe; Infrared heats the body directly from the core giving you that wonderful natural warmth!

Rejuve Whole Body Spa Treatment

A 10 minute session in the Rejuve Booth distributes this signature product that is an ultra-fine warm water mist which is infused into your body. Once the session is started, you stand facing the portals and LED lighting which activates the ions of the precious metals. The first 8 minutes your skin is being coated with the ultra-fine mist. The next cycle is warm air, where during this time you rub the moisture into your skin. You will want to rotate throughout the sessions cycle to cover all areas of your body, paying attention to your areas of concern.

Ultimate Magic Combo Facial

If you are looking for ultimate results with a non-invasive procedure, then this one’s for you. We have combined our IDERM & VITABOOST Magic Wand Pro into one treatment. You will walk away feeling refreshed and renewed like you’ve gone back in time!

*Cancellation Policy:  MK Skin Studio requires at least 24-hour notice via telephone to change or cancel your scheduled appointment or the full appointment fee will be charged.  For this reason we keep a credit card on file, saved through our secure card service Card Connect.