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*Cancellation Policy:  MK Skin Studio requires at least 24-hour notice via telephone to change or cancel your scheduled appointment or the full appointment fee will be charged.  For this reason we keep a credit card on file, saved through our secure card service Card Connect.



The galvanic current treatment benefits the skin just like a face lift does. With its anti-aging properties, it’s like a non-surgical face lift. Your muscles are tightened and wrinkles are smoothed out. It increases your circulation, which allows the cells to be nourished. Water soluble products are able to be absorbed deep into the skin, delivering rich nutrients. You’ll see lasting benefits like reduction of pore size, firming, tightening, and hydration of the skin.


A cosmetic alternative to Micro needling, our Magic Wand is pain-free with no inflammation. The Magic Wand uses nano-technology sized spheres on the device tip that create tiny openings in the bi-layers of the skin. With this modality, treatment serums can very easily slip in, thus reaching the depth needed to more efficiently create real change in the skin. The Magic Wand provides a deeper result than simply massaging serums into the skin, fast-tracking your treatment results. The stimulation from the device improves circulation, plumps up skin, softens fine lines, reduces scarring, improves hydration levels and controls breakouts.


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